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If you own a Skybox or Openbox, then you will need a USB memory stick to perform any file upgrades to the box including firmware and channel list.  Unfortunately not all USB memory sticks work with these boxes.  I have found that the best USB memory stick is a generic USB swivel stick.  I do not recommend scandisk flash drives as they do not work well.  It is best to format your USB memory stick to FAT 32.  Click here for instructions on formatting USB memory sticks.

Skybox / Openbox Technical Help

  1. How to set-up your Skybox / Openbox
  2. How to use my Skybox / Openbox
  3. Narator / Voice Over


  1. My premium channels are scrambled
  2. Some or all of my channels say “No Signal”


Firmware & Flashing Instructions

Video Tutorial:  How To Flash Firmware To A Skybox / Openbox

Openbox X3 Firmware 2.5 MB

Skybox F3/F5 Firmware 2.5 MB

Skybox F5s Firmware 2.8 MB  This firmware file is for the new Skybox F5s only.

Firmware Flashing Instructions 535.1 KB After flashing the firmware, you will need to flash the channel list (TP_prog.dbs) file too for your channels to be up to date.

Channel Lists

TP_Prog.dbs 67.7 KB  Updated 14/10/13, 10:57pm – Updated channels include BT Sports, MUTV, ESPN, Motors TV, Zee Channels and other Asian Channels.

How To Flash The TP_Prog File 368.0 KB

how To Update TP_Prog Frequencies 1.4 MB  This instruction guide shows you how to perform a satellite scan for new channels/frequencies and then how to add any new channels or change there placement using your PC.

Installing or Changing N Lines

CCcam to MGcamd Installation 583.1 KB  These instructions are for removing current C lines from CCcam and installing new N Lines to MGcamd.

N line Installation (newcamd.list) 451.9 KB  These instructions are for adding or replacing an N Line using MGcamd softcam.